Nantong gelatin chemical equipment factory is China has more than 30 years of professional manufacturing gelatin and bone glue equipment's enterprise, is home to the industry recognized China gelatin equipment, can provide customers with design, the domestic industry, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, one-stop service of turnkey engineering enterprises. Plants more than 30 years actively extensive to absorb advanced technology at home and abroad for years, so that my factory has the design quality and efficient of gelatin, bone glue series equipment capability. The design and production of major equipment are: raw material processing equipment, boiling glue pot, membrane filtration thickener, four continuous climbing film evaporation, flash sterilization machine, long nets drying machine, rubber molding machine, lithium chloride liquid dehumidification machine, grinder, filter, collagen extraction equipment such as a full set of gelatin production equipment, and the design of the gelatin engineering equipment, installation, commissioning and late technology transfer and personnel training, such as the provision of system services. Experts and skilled professional technicians, in terms of gelatin equipment manufacturing, has been a fundamental breakthrough, equipment quality in the domestic leading level. Business achievements get customers approval, the domestic large-scale gelatin special mention glue system, ion exchanger for large-scale gelatin, gelatin three effect evaporator, large long nets drying unit, large rotary drum smashing bone bone grain dryer, shear type machine, continuous aggregate skim machine, non-porous continuous plane all by our design and manufacturing, such as for some large well-known domestic gelatin company with main equipment. Complete the modernization of fully automated gelatin equipment exports India, Colombia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Egypt and other countries.
We can provide new and old customers with annual output of 100 tons, 200 tons, 300 tons, 500 tons, 1000 tons - 3000 tons of the size of the gelatin, bone glue complete sets of equipment and process for the new gelatin factory at the same time, bone glue factory for new factory to provide design and technology transfer.
In line with the practical work, good faith for business philosophy, the company has specialized in gelatin technology, collagen technology and equipment design and manufacture of professional engineers, experts and skilled technicians, the manufacture of must equipment. In terms of gelatin for manufacturing, a fundamental breakthrough, technical quality in the domestic leading level.
Over the years, the company adhering to the technology for this, the service supreme idea, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign gelatin enterprise service. In the future, the company strive to better products and better service, for the gelatin industry, new and old enterprise makes a bigger contribution