Gelatin equipment

Multiple effect rising film evaporation machine

Multiple effect rising film evaporation machine

Type:Multiple effect rising film evaporation machine

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Features: apply Yu Mingjiao evaporation concentration, bone glue, can also be used in dairy, juice, sugar, citric acid and other chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries of evaporation concentration. The evaporation of climbing film evaporation, gelatin solution to the system pressure automatic fast running time is short, keep high-quality gelatin, the third room for evaporation, can obtain higher end concentration, because of the triple effect evaporation, low energy consumption and energy saving, compact structure, the system automatically run, convenient operation and maintenance, health level process pipeline, high quality stainless steel manufacturing, surface polishing.
Production capacity: gelatin 300 tons/year - 3000 tons/year
Energy consumption: evaporation consumes more than 36% (1 Kg of water consumption of steam evaporation 0.36 Kg)