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Gelatin in industrial applications

The main composition of gelatin is an amino acid of the same composition and molecular weight distribution is very broad molecular polypeptide mixture, the molecular weight is generally in the tens of ten thousands. Gelatin is both acidic and alkaline . It is an amphoteric substance. The gelatinous gelatin is charged. Under the action of an electric field, it will move to one of the poles. Gelatin has a large number of hydroxyl groups in its molecular structure , and there are many carboxyl groups and amino groups , which make gelatin extremely hydrophilic. Gelatin is insoluble in organic solvents, insoluble in cold water, and swells in cold water to 5-10 times its own. It is easily soluble in warm water and cools to form a gel. The melting point is between 24-28 ° C. The solubility is different from the solidification temperature. Very small, susceptible to deterioration due to moisture, temperature and humidity. Gelatin contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body such as endogenous acid, glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.

Gelatin is made from animal skin and bone as raw materials, and is made into a odorless and translucent process by classification, immersion, degreasing , neutralization, hydrolysis , filtration , concentration, gelation, drying and pulverization. Hard sheets, granules or powder. The production process includes an acid method (type A), an alkali method (type B), and a very small number of enzyme methods.

Gelatin is a peptide molecular polymer and is a multi-stage hydrolysis product of collagen . It is widely used in food, medicine and other industrial fields. Edible gelatin is a food additive, a higher nutritional value, it can be made into soup, direct skin royale, canned meat, crystal jelly , salad , egg yolk juice, icing sugar, cream sugar, butter flavor, chocolate , beverages, Beer, etc.; photographic gelatin is used to make photosensitive materials such as film and film; medicinal gelatin can produce medicinal hollow capsules, gelatin sponges, etc.; industrial gelatin can produce grinding wheels , abrasive cloths , matches , printing rubber rollers, and the like.

Except for some Jewish gelatin that is made with agar , most of it is not. Some vegan gelatin substitutes are: guar gum and carrageenan, carrageenan. Only some "emulsifiers" are vegan. Gelatin is used in photography, and although it has been replaced by photographic film, its price makes it unacceptable. I hope that this situation will change very quickly with the development of vegetarianism.

gelatinGelatinGelatin (Gelatin) is collagen hydrolyzate, a high protein fat-free, and free of cholesterol , is a natural nutritional the food thickener . After eating, it will not make people fat, nor will it lead to physical decline. Gelatin is a powerful protective colloid, emulsifying ability, into the stomach can inhibit milk, soy milk and other protein aggregation effect caused due to gastric acid, thus contributing to the digestion of food.